6-fold switched Power Sequencer IEC

Expert Power Sequencer 8112 for more operational safety by sequential switching in 19-inch installations
  • Demonstrably fewer and shorter outages of your critical IT and AV infrastructure
  • Increased operational safety by avoiding excessive inrush currents, e.g. in amplifiers, media technology installations and LED walls
  • Increased energy efficiency (Green IT and AV): Reduction of electricity costs and CO2 emissions
  • Effectively troubleshoot inrush problems: Typical popping noises when switching on critical devices such as audio amplifiers and loudspeakers no longer occur
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8112-2: 6x IEC C13 with OVP and mains filter

Key Features
  • Sequential switching of up to 6 devices by simply pressing a button
  • Switching interval can be configured individually
  • Avoid critical inrush currents
  • Effectively reduce electricity costs
  • Integrated overvoltage protection type 3
  • Minimize noise through mains filter
  • Simple and quick mounting due to integrated mounting brackets
Switching functions
  • 6 power ports switchable via switch on the device or by external button
  • Sequential switching on and off of connected loads with a delay of 3 seconds between adjacent outputs

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  • Current peaks during simultaneous switching operations (high inrush) and triggering of upstream fuses are prevented
  • Integrated type 3 overvoltage protection (according to EN61643-1) prevents damage to the device and connected loads
  • Integrated mains filter prevents interference currents and thus eliminates loss of signal quality in connected devices such as loudspeakers, amplifiers and beamers
  • Switching intervals (ON/OFF) can be set individually for each power port
  • Jack plug connector allows connection of external switch or I/O contacts for remote control of the switching routine
  • Low energy consumption
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The Expert Power Sequencer 8112 is a power strip that has 6 power ports on the front. The connected loads can be switched on or off sequentially, making the PDU a must-have in AV installations with amplifiers, speakers and beamers.

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The connected loads can be switched on sequentially and switched off in reverse order by an automatic switching routine. The switching sequence is triggered by switching the on-button at the front of the device. The power ports are then switched on one after the other with a delay of 3 seconds each. This delay-interval can be adjusted individually for each power port.

The integrated overvoltage protection type 3 of the Expert Power Sequencer 8112-2 and 8112-4 effectively prevents defects of the device and the connected loads. In addition the mains filter on both power conditioners ensures that intereference noise from speakers or audio amplifiers is prevented.


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