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Everyone knows the problem: The IT system fails – and hectic activity breaks out. Often, the reason is the unreliable security-relevant infrastructure.

With these product solutions to an excellent IT security management

Failures in your business-critical IT assets are not only nerve-wracking, they also cost a lot of money. In our opinion, more than 50% of these failures can be avoided at an early stage. Low failure safety in your IT can be significantly increased by means of intelligent solutions.

Thanks to our high-quality PDUs (Power Distribution Units), you can keep a close eye on your infrastructure and proactively prevent failures.

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How much does an IT outage cost?

A scientifically based study has shown that the average cost of an IT outage in medium-sized companies is €25,000 per hour.

With only 4 outages per year, each lasting only 3 hours, that’s around 300,000€ in downtime costs. In our experience, this is still a conservative calculation. With only one outage per year, lasting only 4 hours, that is still around 100,000€ in outage costs per year.

This does not include other serious consequences, such as damage to reputation or claims for damages. After all, it’s not just opportunity costs that are at stake, but also your company’s reputation. Or, to put it another way: would you want to work with a company where the infrastructure regularly fails?

For just a fraction of the cost, these problems don’t arise in the first place. With our reliable PDUs, the root causes of the threats are addressed, not just the symptoms.

Sustainably securing the IT infrastructure

In your company’s IT infrastructure, a high level of fail-safety is particularly important. Because if the systems fail, you can’t work and therefore can’t earn money. On the other hand, costs continue to be incurred by your personnel. The solution to this serious problem is to prevent a failure from happening in the first place. And when an outage does happen, having the tools in hand to respond as quickly as possible to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

How does this work? With proactive detailed monitoring and a device restart at the right time.

Representative surveys show that 90% of IT infrastructure problems can be resolved by a reboot alone. As soon as a failure occurs, it is usually already too late. Then a service technician has to come in and take care of the problem. This is not only time-consuming, but also causes high costs for your company.

With the right IT safety solutions, this can be avoided. These measure and detect when irregularities occur in the circuit and restart the affected device. This can be fully automated if desired. This is all done remotely via controlled remote access. Expensive travel and service costs are thus a thing of the past.

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Fail-safety in practice

Gray theory is fine and often good. But at the end of the day, you want to know how well our products actually work in everyday use.

To demonstrate how effectively you can increase the resilience of your IT, it’s best to take a look at this powerful example from one of our customers in the digital signage industry. In this in-depth case study on infrastructure resilience, you’ll learn how Switzerland’s largest “out of home media” provider was able to significantly increase the resilience of its outdoor steles with intelligent power solutions. At the same time, the costs for maintenance and service have been significantly reduced.


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