Avoid critical conditions through continuous sensor monitoring

Intervene before it’s too late! Reliable environmental monitoring can detect dangerous conditions in IT equipment and audiovisual installations at an early stage so that corrective measures can be initiated.

Securing with these sensor solutions

Problems and typical hazards for operation-critical AV racks and equipment rooms

❌ Excessively high temperatures
❌ Liquid leaks
❌ Excessive humidity
❌ Flooding events
❌ Fires or smoldering fires

Select the appropriate sensor type for your installation:

Better not leave anything to chance in your infrastructure

By extending our IP power strips and telecontrol systems with the proven plug-and-play sensors, your installation environment is effectively monitored. Commissioning is very simple: Connect the sensor, detection is automatic. Now make the appropriate configurations for reliable remote monitoring and the all-round protection begins. You can choose from a variety of combined sensor types, depending on the parameters you are monitoring:

✔ Temperature
✔ Humidity
✔ Air pressure
✔ Smoke or fire development
✔ Leakage
✔ Door contacts

Your advantages when using sensors

  • Reduced service costs through early intervention in critical sensor events
  • Prevention of service interruptions and downtimes
  • Direct alarming in case of exceeding/falling below threshold values via SNMP, email or SMS
  • Simple and fast commissioning through plug-and-play
  • Configured in no time at all
  • Secure and efficient control of sensors via web interface
  • Remote access via network or mobile device
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple sensor parameters (temperature, humidity, air pressure)


You want to secure your installation with sensors?