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Intelligent AV media technology for conference rooms of all sizes

From huddle rooms and meeting rooms to conference rooms, it’s important that the media and AV technology works smoothly.

Huddle rooms, conference and meeting rooms of all sizes are part of everyday modern conference room technology. The seamless integration of media and AV technology requires a hybrid and flexible working environment. As a result, more and more discussion and collaboration zones, also known as huddle rooms, are being used for spontaneous meetings in companies.

Save power now and avoid failure

Concrete problems that are solved with reliable IP power solutions in the entreprise AV area:

  • Non-functioning conference rooms and suspended equipment
  • Frustrated employees because the conference room is not working without disruptions
  • Power wastage due to AV equipment running constantly
  • High and avoidable CO2 emissions
  • Long waiting times and travel to fix the non-functioning conference room
  • Problems in the power supply, also triggered by overvoltage
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Proactive monitoring of conference room media technology instead of frantic desperation

Everyone knows the feeling when the conference room doesn’t work at the push of a button: You frantically try to get the technology to work while all the other participants are waiting. Desperation spreads. Besides the stress, the wasted time quickly adds up to money: Imagine a meeting with 4 employees waiting. Not to mention a meeting with 6 executives!

To prevent this from occurring, switchable IP power strips allow proactive monitoring of connected devices. If a malfunction occurs here, they are quickly made functional again. Hectic and wasted time thus have no chance.

Important to know: The media technology used in meeting rooms generates electricity costs around the clock. These electricity costs can be significantly reduced with GUDE’s switchable IP power strips. This is also proven by our free white paper Sustainable AV Operation. The white paper is based on an in-depth study together with the largest independent AV engineering company in Europe, macom GmbH. Read in it how short the payback period is for different sizes of conference rooms.

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Current challenges and trends in the AV industry

  • Green AV: Sustainability in AV installation
  • Complete networking of all AV devices with building technology
  • BYOD: Bring your own device. Means: No matter what device you use, you can join the video conference and share presentations and documents
  • Use of LED video walls
  • AV service concepts for efficient maintenance and servicing of the meeting rooms

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