Environmental Monitoring for server rooms and data centers

How important is the safety of your IT environments to you? When you consider that many companies experience IT failures several times a year, this point doesn’t seem to be taken very seriously.

According to a scientifically based study by the IT trade magazine CIO, an IT system failure costs German companies an average of €389,000. These failures are mostly due to the following physical risks and hazards in IT environments:

  ❌  Overheating

  ❌  Excessive humidity

  ❌  Defective air conditioning

  ❌  Flooding

  ❌  Fire caused by smoldering fires or fire gases

  ❌  Vandalism

  ❌  Unauthorized access

In order to maintain the high security standards of your IT infrastructure, your data center, server room or server rack must be continuously monitored.

A simple, fast and reliable integration for you is possible due to the plug & play drivers and templates for well-known monitoring software, such as PRTG, Icinga and Nagios. In combination with GUDE’s intelligent rack monitoring solutions, you can detect dangers and potential threats in time and take appropriate action. This is exactly where GUDE’s monitoring systems come in! Your environmental monitoring is thus secured at the highest level and, in this sense, so are your IT environments.

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Environmental monitoring and rack monitoring: That’s why it’s important

If you deal with server racks on a daily basis, then you know the danger firsthand: a server failure means economic super-gau on several levels.

Not only do you suffer financial losses during the outage. In the worst case, there may be legal consequences and penalties because customer data is lost. If this additionally means that the DSGVO is not complied with, things can get really unpleasant. In order to detect such scenarios in advance and to take proactive measures against them, qualitative monitoring for data centers, server rooms and other IT environments is essential. The internal resources saved in this way can also be invested elsewhere.

Thus, environment rack monitoring not only frees your company from major worries, but also makes enormous sense from an economic point of view. In other words, you benefit twice from the use of intelligent environmental monitoring!

Temperature monitoring in server rooms

As an IT expert, you yourself know that temperatures in server rooms and data centers are always a sensitive issue. If not cooled properly, overheating can quickly occur and paralyze the infrastructure.

In addition to overheating, fires, increased humidity or even smoke development can cause massive damage to your IT equipment. Our reliable and precise measuring environment and rack monitoring solutions prevent these dramatic conditions from the outset. GUDE’s smart remote monitoring systems detect dangers in good time and reliably notify you of these developments by e-mail. When the going gets tough, your IT environments and server rooms are always on the safe side. We also offer a wide range of plug-and-play (calibrated) cable sensors. The temperature and humidity sensors are automatically recognized and are suitable for all devices with mini-DIN sensor connection.

Note: From experience with numerous customer projects, we recommend measuring both temperature and humidity. This will give your IT installation the best possible protection.

We know it from home: if the humidity is too high, condensation forms on the window. This condensation can also form in your cabinets and installations and is harmful to your IT equipment. Therefore, protect your installation for little money with a hybrid temperature sensor in combination with a permanent humidity measurement.

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IT Environmental Monitoring in Practice

As an operator of the IT infrastructure, you receive warning messages when fault currents occur thanks to intelligent Power Distribution Units (so-called residual current measurement). The solutions have been specially designed for switching, controlling and measuring servers and IT equipment in server rooms and data centers. Paired with the LAN sensors, which allow controlled environmental monitoring, you keep a permanent eye on your entire IT environments.

Of course, you can read the monitoring data in real time and take corrective action if necessary – for example, if there are excessive changes in humidity, air pressure or temperature. Many companies tell us about the positive effects that system solutions for environmental monitoring have achieved in data centers and server racks.

We offer different types of sensors for environmental monitoring:

  • LAN sensors with integrated temperature, humidity or air pressure sensor
  • Remote I/O sensors with connection for combined sensors for environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity and air pressure)
  • Cable sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity and/or air pressure.

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