LAN Sensors

Fewer failures through proactive monitoring with LAN sensors

GUDE’s LAN sensors are network-compatible monitoring systems with integrated sensor functionality. They can be used to monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, air pressure or the detection of water leaks or smoke development. In remote and unattended rooms and IT racks, critical conditions can be detected at an early stage and effectively prevented by prompt alarming.

Secure your IT and AV installation with GUDE’s intelligent LAN sensors.

Environment monitoring for professionals

Reliable and precise environment and rack monitoring systems (EMS/RMS) detect critical conditions even before the worst happens. So that nothing goes wrong in your server room and IT rack.

You benefit several times over:

✔️ Real-time reading of temperature, humidity and air pressure.
✔️ Fast response times
✔️ Greater local flexibility through remote access
✔️ Lower service costs
✔️ Early automated alarm notifications.

Learn about all the benefits of reliable Environmental Monitoring.


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