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Remote Monitoring Systems

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GUDE’s remote monitoring systems consist of rack monitoring systems, remote IO modules and LAN sensors. With their diverse performance features, they offer the best prerequisites for professional monitoring and control of IT racks and other AV/IT installations. The robust devices are characterised by a compact design and low power consumption.

The smart solutions can be used to query sensors, inputs and switching contacts, read energy consumption counters and trigger switching operations via integrated floating relays.

Three types of remote monitoring systems

1. Rack monitoring systems

Rack monitoring systems with remote I/O function (inputs and outputs) ensure that physical risks are detected at an early stage before costly failures occur. Data transmission paths such as Modbus or TCP/IP, SNMP are used for this purpose. Typically, a variety of monitoring scenarios can be implemented thanks to integrated switchable relay outputs, signal inputs and sensor ports.

2. Remote IO modules

Remote IO modules, also called smart relay control on the top-hat rail, are remote monitoring and control (remote I/O) that can switch individual phases with the relays and have signal inputs and sensor ports. This means that spatially remote objects can be monitored and switched by means of signal-converting procedures. With their diverse performance features, the remote control systems thus offer the best prerequisites for safeguarding, optimising and expanding existing electrical infrastructures.

3. LAN sensors

These are web-based monitoring systems with integrated sensor functionality. They can be used to monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, air pressure or the detection of water leakage or smoke development. In remote and unattended rooms and IT racks, critical conditions can be detected at an early stage and prevented by alarm and notification mechanisms, e.g. via e-mail or SNMP trap.


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