Power Distribution Units (PDU) for horizontal and vertical mounting

No IT and AV rack without PDU

More IT security with networked power distribution units

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU)  is a power strip that is installed primarily in AV & IT cabinets, often 19-inch racks, either horizontally or vertically. These network cabinets are usually server racks used in data centers and equipment rooms. Here, a PDU distributes power to various loads, such as servers and switches, and can have different types of device connectors: The most common are IEC C13, IEC C19 and grounding-type sockets.

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Two types of Power Distribution Units

Passive PDU: This is a simple power strip that distributes power.

Active PDU: An active PDU has other useful functions in addition to power distribution. It can be monitored via a data interface and controlled remotely. An active PDU can be remotely controlled via the LAN interface, e.g. using TCP/IP and protocols such as SNMP, Modbus and HTTP/HTTPS, and can be integrated into monitoring programs. Furthermore, sensors can be connected to this networked PDU and their measurements can be evaluated. In this way, for example, the temperature and humidity of the environment can be monitored. Programmable threshold values turn the active PDU into an alarm: If a threshold value is exceeded, the networked power strip immediately sends an e-mail.


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