Energy monitoring for AV technology and IT infrastructures

Power consumption monitoring for AV technology and IT environments has become indispensable due to the advancing climate change. Power consumption has a global impact and its measurement has become crucial in AV installations, server rooms, data centers and production facilities.

In this context, two key challenges are becoming increasingly important for the respective companies:

  1. High avoidable energy consumption leads to unnecessary electricity costs
  2. Irregularities in the power supply lead to total failures

What about energy consumption or heat flows in your IT environments? Very few responsible persons can answer this question off the cuff. Yet these key figures are not only important for your company from a financial point of view.

Due to the advancing climate change, ecological demands on IT companies are also increasing. With professional equipment, however, you can take the wheel – and thus the power monitoring – into your own hands and no longer have to leave anything to chance in the future.

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The advantages of smart energy measurings: Reducing costs by power consumption monitoring

Energy monitoring has several decisive advantages for your company. It doesn’t matter whether you want to monitor energy consumption in IT installations, in the office or in industrial environments.

The key benefit for many companies is that they can sustainably save costs by better understanding and controlling the energy consumption of their IT infrastructure. Costs are saved by identifying and then eliminating power hogs. This can also effectively save CO2.

With the extraordinarily high electricity bills that large server rooms and data centers generate, optimizing energy consumption is essential. To make matters worse, in the near future the cost of electricity consumption will actually exceed the initial cost of the infrastructure.

Another plus point of energy monitoring is the growing awareness of sustainability and climate change. For many of our customers, the topic of Green IT, Green AV or CO2-neutrality has become a central concern. Given the demands that data centers and other IT environments now have to meet, the task of an environmentally friendly and sustainably operated IT system is no easy undertaking.

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Energy monitoring in the data center

The biggest cost factor of a data center are the enormous electricity costs. Thus, energy monitoring in the data center is indispensable.

A study by e.on shows: By 2030, up to 13% of the global electricity demand will be caused by data centers! Because digitalization means one thing above all: more data, more computing capacity and thus more data centers. I.e. a sustainable energy supply is fundamentally important given the huge amounts of electricity.

That’s why it’s crucial that you use suitable solutions for optimal power monitoring here. After all, you can only optimize your systems if you know exactly where the problems are and the extent of them. So for an effective reduction of massive electricity costs, energy monitoring is indispensable!

At GUDE Systems, we offer exactly these solutions for data centers. Our products make it easy for you to monitor your data center’s energy consumption at all times and take corrective action when needed. Take a look at the proven products for energy monitoring and convince yourself of the extensive application possibilities.

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Real Time Energy Monitoring

When it comes to power supply, it often comes down to just a few seconds. Real-time energy monitoring is not just a nice-to-have, but rather a mandatory requirement.

Just imagine the costs you could save your company if you could detect major fluctuations in energy flows in good time and take corrective action. After all, irregularities in the power supply are often harbingers of major outages.

Thanks to Real Time Energy Monitoring systems, you can effectively prevent these risks. This means that you not only cover the economic aspect and save money through proactive corrective measures, but also keep the safety standards of your IT permanently high.

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