Power Protector

With power protection to demonstrably higher AV/IT security and improved power efficienc

Quality power protection allows for a reliable protection from noise, spikes and surges. The proven surge technology ensures trouble-free operation of business critical IT and AV installations.

GUDE‘s surge products protect connected consumers from worst case surges without degradation or failure. Its permanent surge technology has been certified for performance, endurance and safety. Expert Power Protector 1020 was subjected to 1,000 worst case surges of 6,000 Volts/3,000 Amps in 30 second intervals without resulting in degradation or failure. This equates to 10 years of worst case surges.

The right power protector for every application

The technology of Expert Power Protector 1020 effectively senses and suppresses surges on 120 V power lines. Also in the range of 85 V to 175 V, the device leads to reliable protection of connected appliances. This is especially beneficial when the voltage is variable and unpredictable or when standby generators are in use. Depending on the application scenario, the power protector is available with two NEMA 5-15 or two NEMA 5-20 outlets.

This provides users with the best possible support when operating their critical AV or IT installation. Additionally, the integrated noise filter ensures that even demanding users benefit from the power conditioner .

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