Out-of-Band Management (OOBM)

What do you do when your primary networks fail – apart from panic? – It means you no longer have any control or oversight over your IT. In most cases, an expensive on-site intervention is then necessary to get all systems up and running again.

Effective Out-of-Band Management pays off

With OOBM solutions, you can access your network externally and continue to control and monitor your devices. You create redundancy with OOBM in case your primary network fails.

As you know, failures of your IT infrastructure cost a lot of money and can also pose significant security risks. It is therefore advisable to prepare for such situations in advance.

These smart solutions allow for effective OOBM

With the right out-of-band management solutions, problems or unusual conditions in your infrastructure will become immediately apparent. This gives you the opportunity to intervene at an early stage. In this way, you lower the risk of downtime and significantly reduce your operating costs.

GUDE’s PDUs (Power Distribution Units) help you access your network from external locations if the primary network should fail. Using a serial interface in connection with a console server or terminal server, the active PDUs can be remotely controlled and also integrated into monitoring systems.

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The advantages of OOBM in your company

Out-of-band management allows system administrators to keep track of devices and intervene in the network of devices if necessary – regardless of whether the primary network is down.

With console servers that are integrated out-of-band (OOB), you can ensure higher security standards in your IT environments. Well-known manufacturers for such console servers are Perle System and Opengear. Hardly any company has the internal resources to worry about IT security at all times. This makes out-of-band management even more attractive.

Out-of-band management consoles in combination with switchable and measuring IP power strips enable you to measure a wide range of electrical variables. This allows you to uncover large power saving potentials in the IT environment and additionally restart suspended devices via the switching function.

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Out-of-Band Network

A clear view of your out-of-band network is essential for sustained high productivity. Our solutions offer you maximum reliability for the stability of your IT infrastructure.

Especially in server rooms, data centers and KVM installations, GUDE’s PDUs are used effectively. This is because reliable quality hardware is required here. After all, the environment must be constantly monitored to minimize the risk of failures. Integration into console servers, such as those from Opengear and Perle System are possible quickly and easily through our serial interface (RS232) or via LAN using SNMP.

Proven Out-of-Band Management Solutions

Secure out-of-band management solutions must function at all times – not just when everything is running smoothly – in order to avoid any risk of danger. Worst-case scenarios here are total failures or fires in the IT infrastructure.

For increased safety, a reliable PDU in combination with a console server is indispensable. Because with a console server and the connection via RS232 (serial interface), you can restore the primary network via the retracted redundancy level.

Good to know: Well-known manufacturers for such console servers are Perle System and Opengear.

With GUDE’s intelligent PDUs, you get real-time alerts when fault currents (differential current measurement type A) occur. You can keep track from external locations and take immediate action. Connected sensors for temperature, humidity and air pressure enable qualitative environmental monitoring of your IT infrastructure in no time.

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