Green AV: Digital media technology with a future

Reducing power consumption and keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum is one of the biggest challenges of Green AV media technology and infrastructure.

Contribute to sustainable Green AV with these product solutions

Thanks to sustainable and eco-friendly AV media technology, you can not only save electricity, but also a lot of money. Devices that are not needed can be switched off to almost completely avoid unnecessary standby consumption.

This applies not only to companies that supply their conference, meeting or office rooms with energy on a daily base, but also to lecture halls and classrooms, digital signage, home cinema and cinema operations as well as AV technology on yachts or in the broadcast segment. Energy can be saved in all these areas with sustainable AV media technology

High-quality switchable PDUs (Power Distribution Units) from GUDE Systems keep an eye on consumption and can switch off proactively when devices are no longer needed. This is a direct contribution to Green AV. GUDE itself contributes to regionality, “Made in Germany” and sustainability through its production site in Cologne and short delivery routes.

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Switch off the power to standby devices

Standby devices consume electricity even if they are not actively being used. However, this passive state uses little power and waits for an active action by the user. In AV media technology, for example, this can be a remote control for an LED wall or a screen. In some cases, standby can be translated in such a way that the pixels of the screen are not switched off, but merely set to black.

This means that energy is consumed when an AV device is in standby mode. To counteract this, the power supply must be actively switched off. Only switching off the AV system reduces consumption to zero and not only saves energy, but also money on the electricity bill.

With IP Power Distribution Units from GUDE, AV installations can be switched on and off remotely when they are not in use. In addition, users can create a customisable schedule and safely switch off AV devices that are in standby mode.

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Energy monitoring with Green AV instead of constant power operation

According to a study by tagesschau, LED displays such as those used in digital signage consume more than 113,000 megawatt hours per year in pedestrian zones, shopping centres, airports and train stations. This corresponds to around 40,000 two-person households. Around 28 wind turbines would be needed to supply these households.

Energy monitoring for these AV environments enables a precise view of whether the screens need to be operated around the clock. In deserted pedestrian zones, for example, it makes little sense to leave AV technology running at night. Green AV with energy monitoring also helps to avoid unnecessary power consumption and recognise irregularities in the power supply. By identifying power wasters, costs and carbon emissions can be saved in the long term.

Products from GUDE, such as the Expert Power Control 8035, are perfectly suited to increasing energy efficiency. As an outlet-metered PDU, the power distribution unit measures all consumption individually for each socket. Permanent energy monitoring can save carbon emissions and reduce electricity costs.


Green AV to reduce carbon emissions through ‘Made in Germany’

Climate change is progressing and GUDE is also helping to reduce carbon emissions. Green AV means planning in a resource- and energy-efficient way and taking care when selecting equipment. Our product selection supports energy-efficient Green AV and contributes to minimising the carbon footprint.

This starts with the production of our PDUs, LAN thermometers and remote monitoring systems, which takes place in our production hall in Cologne. In addition to premium quality, we attach particular importance to ‘Made in Germany’, because by purchasing GUDE products you are making a direct and sustainable contribution to regionality. This not only enables short delivery routes for the required materials, but also short delivery routes to the end customer.

A practical example: Sustainable operation of media technology systems in meeting rooms. Reducing the company's electricity costs and carbon emissions with intelligent power distribution units.


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