General Support

Do you need support with the installation and commissioning of our products? Do you have questions about configuration or control?
Then you’ve come to the right place.

3 basic steps to troubleshooting

  1. Check whether the device is correctly connected to the power supply and IT network. If anything is unclear, refer to the corresponding device manual, which you can find on the product pages and in the support section.

2. Check whether the latest firmware version is installed in the device. You can find the latest version on the product pages and in the support section.

3. Read the FAQs for this device in our Wiki. Many errors are thus quickly and easily fixed.

You can find many helpful tips, FAQs and technical information about our products in our Wiki. Here you will get help if you need special information about our products, e.g. how to query our network products via HTTPS commands or what to do if you forgot the device password.

To get an impression of the operation and setting options of our products, visit our Demo Webserver page.

We are here to support you.

You can reach our support team by e-mail or phone. Your suggestions and proposals for improvement will also find open ears here.

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We are here to support you