IP relay control with 3 channels and energy metering

Expert Net Control 2314-1 for more security and surveillance in IT infrastructure
  • Demonstrably fewer and shorter outages of your critical IT and AV infrastructure
  • More control through remote access to switchable relay outputs
  • Detect AV and IT problems at an early stage: Proactive power and environment monitoring
  • Increased energy efficiency (Green IT and AV): Reduction of electricity costs and CO2 emissions
Massive time and cost savings through plug-and-play drivers from our technology partners
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Key Features
  • Remote switching of 3 relay outputs
  • Detailed energy measurement per output
  • Connector for plug-and-play sensors
  • Fast and easy mounting on DIN rail
  • NTP function can be activated
  • Special High-Inrush relays prevent sticking of relay contacts during witch on pulse peaks
Switching functions
  • 3 switchable, potential-free relay outputs with 16 A switching capacity
  • Each power port can be switched via HTTP(S), SNMP, ModbusTCP or command line interface via Telnet, SSH, MQTT and serial interface
  • Automatic switching of relay outputs depending on sensor thresholds or inputs possible
  • Programmable switch-on/switch-off sequence
  • Simultaneous switching on of several switching outputs is prevented by automatic latency of 1 second
  • Output states are indicated by two-color LEDs on the front panel
  • Relays have high contact reliability even with very small loads
  • Self-healing function thanks to 3-channel watchdog: Each power port can be assigned its own Watchdog (ICMP/TCP), which initiates an automatic restart if necessary

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Metering functions
  • Power consumption metering (kwH) with 2 energy counters per output: one counter counts consistently, the other counter is resettable
  • Metering of current (A), voltage (V), phase angle, power factor, frequency (Hz), active power (W), apparent power (VA) and reactive power (VAr)
  • 1 connector for combined plug-and-play sensors (temperature, humidity and air pressure) to prevent often occurring physical hazards like overheating and increased humidity or air pressure
  • Generation of status messages and alarms (e-mail, syslog, SNMP traps MQTT, SSH, Telnet)
  • Encrypted e-mails (SSL, STARTTLS)
  • Access protection by IP access control
  • Encrypted communication through SSL (TLS 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) and SSH
  • Password protected access
  • Easy-to-read LED display for displaying total current, IP address and sensor values
  • Firmware update via Ethernet during operation (no restart required)
  • Simple and flexible configuration via web browser, Windows or Linux program
  • Dynamic assignment of an IP address via DHCP or manual assignment of static IP address
  • Rapid commissioning thanks to free and reliable drivers from our technology partners
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The Expert Net Control 2314-1 offers various possibilities for remote control via a TCP/IP network. The device has 3 individually switchable relay outputs. Each output has two energy counters and a variety of electrical quantities can be measured. Thanks to sensor connection, ambient temperature and humidity can be monitored with combined plug-and-play sensors.

The Expert Net Control 2314-1 can be easily mounted on the DIN rail and enables control and monitoring of the IT installation in no time.

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