IP relay control with 8 channels and 8 signal inputs

Expert Net Control 2304-1 for increased operational reliability and energy efficiency in DIN rail installations
  • Demonstrably more security in your critical IT and AV infrastructure
  • More control through remote access to individually switchable relay outputs
  • Detect AV and IT problems early: Proactive environmental monitoring through plug-and-play sensors
  • Integrate anywhere: Quickly and easily integrate anywhere with open API: REST API, HTTPS, SNMP, Telnet, and MQTT
  • Defend against physical hazards with connected smoke detectors, leakage sensors and door contacts
Massive time and cost savings through plug-and-play drivers from our technology partners
Key Features
  • Event and schedule controlled switching
  • Signal inputs for polling NO/NC devices (e.g. door contact, smoke detector etc.)
  • 1 connector for plug-and-play sensors for real-time monitoring
  • Easy and fast mounting on mounting rails with top hat profile
  • NTP function can be activated
  • More flexibility through Radius, Modbus TCP and MQTT 3.1.1 support
Switching function
  • Each power port can be switched via HTTP/S, Telnet, SSH, SNMP or command line interface
  • Programmable on/off sequences for remote reboots (Remote Reboot)
  • Power ports can be switched when preset sensor thresholds are exceeded
  • Self-healing function thanks to 8-channel watchdog: The power ports can be assigned its own Watchdog (ICMP/TCP), which initiates an automatic restart if necessary
  • Switching state and switch-on delay up to 9999 seconds (166 minutes) individually adjustable for each output port after power failure
  • Current peaks due to increased inrush currents are automatically prevented by sequential switch-on with a latency of 1 second


  • Generation of status messages via e-mail, syslog, SNMP traps, Telnet, SSH and MQTT depending on set thresholds of the sensor measurement
  • Encrypted e-mails (SSL, STARTTLS)
  • Access protection by IP access control
  • Encrypted communication through SSH
  • Secure Login via SSL
  • Beeper for audible alarm when sensor limits are exceeded/deceeded
Metering function
  • Connection for combined plug-&-play sensors (temperature, humidity and air pressure) to prevent frequently occurring physical hazards such as overheating and increased humidity or air pressure
  • Easy-to-read LED display for displaying total current, IP address , sensor values and error messages
  • Firmware update via Ethernet during operation (no restart required)
  • Simple and flexible configuration via web browser, Windows or Linux program
  • Dynamic assignment of an IP address via DHCP or manual assignment of static IP address
  • Convenient control on the go via free GUDE Control+ app (Android and iOS)
  • Rapid commissioning thanks to free and reliable drivers from our technology partners
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The Expert Net Control 2304-1 is a network-capable current switch in a DIN rail housing, which has 8 load outputs and 8 passive signal inputs. The electrical devices connected to it can be switched on or off as required, and thanks to the signal inputs it is possible to query NO/NC devices (e.g. smoke detectors and door contacts). Thus, the smart monitoring system for the DIN rail should not be missing in any AV system, IT installation or data center.

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The relay outputs of the Expert Net Control 2304-1 can be switched separately via a web interface, via SNMP or via the button on the device. SNMPv3, SSL and IPv6 as well as Telnet, Radius, Modbus TCP and MQTT (3.1.1) are supported. The Remote Monitoring System (RMS) allows automated reporting of sensor measurement and signal input limits. This enables the user to take preventive maintenance measures even before system-critical conditions occur.

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