LAN sensor with relay output and signal input for environment monitoring

Expert Sensor Box 7214 for more security and surveillance in IT infrastructure
  • Demonstrably fewer and shorter outages of your critical IT and AV infrastructure
  • More control through remote access to switchable relay outputs
  • Detect AV and IT problems at an early stage: Proactive power and environment monitoring
  • Integrate anywhere: Quickly and easily integrate anywhere with API interface: REST API, https, SNMP, Telnet and MQTT
  • Protection against physical hazards with connected smoke detectors, leakage sensors and door contacts
Massive time and cost savings through plug-and-play drivers from our technology partners
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Key Features
  • Integrated temperature, humidity or air pressure sensor
  • 2 ports for addtional plug-and-play sensors
  • Remote switching of relay output
  • Signal input allows query of NO/NC devices
  • Fast and easy mounting, also on DIN rail
  • NTP function can be activated
  • Robust and compact sheet steel housing
  • Power supply also via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) possible
Switching functions
  • 1 switchable, potential-free relay output with changeover contact connection (NO and NC)
  • High switching capacity 36 V, 3 A
  • Switching if relay outputs possible depending on sensor thresholds or inputs
  • Relay has high contact reliability even with very small loads
  • Self-healing function thanks to 1-channel watchdog: Each power port can be assigned its own Watchdog (ICMP/TCP), which initiates an automatic restart if necessary

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  • 2 connectors for combined plug-&-play sensors (temperature, humidity and air pressure) to prevent frequently occurring physical hazards such as overheating and increased humidity or air pressure
  • Seperate passive signal input for polling NO/NC devices (e.g. smoke detectors, leakage sensor, door contact)
  • 2 inputs for redundant power supply (12 V DC) via two external plug-in power supplies
  • Additional power supply via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) possible
  • Generation of status messages and alarms (e-mail, syslog, SNMP traps MQTT, SSH, Telnet)
  • Encrypted e-mails (SSL, STARTTLS)
  • Access protection by IP access control
  • Encrypted communication through SSL (TLS 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) and SSH
  • Password protected access
  • Firmware update via Ethernet during operation (no restart required)
  • Simple and flexible configuration via web browser, Windows or Linux program
  • Dynamic assignment of an IP address via DHCP or manual assignment of static IP address
  • Rapid commissioning thanks to free and reliable drivers from our technology partners
  • Mounting on DIN rail thanks to mounting clip
  • Robust sheet steel housing with versatile mounting options
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The Expert Sensor Box 7214 is a stand-alone LAN sensor and enables environment monitoring of IT installations over TCP/IP networks. Three variants are available, which have permanently integrated sensors as well as two sensor ports to expand the monitoring possibilities. Depending on the model, the integrated sensors can measure temperature, humidity and air pressure. The three sensor variants are each also available as a model with power supply via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). In addition, the devices have a switchable relay output as well as a passive signal input, thus allowing remote control of connected NO/NC devices.

Furthermore, the Expert Sensor Box 7214 series is equipped with SNMPv3, SSL and IPv6 capability and supports Telnet, Radius and Modbus TCP. The LAN sensors are also available in variants without I/O monitoring as Expert Sensor Box 7213-Series.

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