5 Benefits of outlet-metered PDUs

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Intelligent PDUs often have metering features integrated besides their switching capacities. Ideally, they are outlet-metered: This means, they measure electrical quantities not only on the level of the device – unit-metered -, but also individually on the level of each port – outlet-metered. Metered quantities can comprise up to nine different electrical dimensions (energy, current, power factor, phase angle, frequency, voltage and active/apparent/reactive power).

Intelligent power distribution units (PDU) are the key when it comes to
  • optimzing the power supply of an IT rack
  • managing and monitoring the room of the rack and
  • protecting the installation that depends upon the rack.

Switched and outlet-metered PDUs allow you to monitor and control the power of every output. Switching power on and off and resetting devices remotely can be a real game changer if you aim at proactive monitoring, protection of your installation and enhancing your managed service.

Your benefits

  1. Reduce costs

    With switched and outlet-metered PDUs, you can save service costs by remote device resets (switching off and on again).

  2. Enhance energy efficiency

    Because of the outlet-metered function you can monitor the energy usage with ±1 percent billing grade accuracy of every connected device. This means AV and IT admins can quickly see where energy is being used and quickly identify power eaters. In datacenters it also simplifies load balancing and reveal spare power capacities.

  3. Increase uptime

    Because of the detailed measurements of electrical quantities and in particular fault currents, you can identify problems in your installation before it comes to failures. This proactive monitoring approach increases your uptime. Or in other words: costs for downtimes are reduced effectively.

  4. Protect the installation

    Because of the integrated overvoltage protection your IT environment will be protected against voltage damages.

  5. Maximize rack space

    Intelligent PDUs can also be mounted vertically thanks to different brackets and holders. This means your rack space is used in an optimized way. Moreover horizontal PDUs have up to 12 outputs and ensure the best rack ports ratio

Did you know?

These are the typical power consumptions of appliances in standby mode
Device Standby watt kWh per year*
Mobile phone charger 5 40
PC 10 80
LCD TV 14 112
AV Amplifier 15 120
Large copier 30 241

* Assumes an average standby time of 22 hours per day.

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