2-fold Power Protector

Expert Power Protector 1020 to increase operational reliability
  • Demonstrably less damage to your critical IT and AV infrastructure thanks to permanent surge protection
  • Increased operational safety by preventing excessive currents, e.g. in media technology installations and LED walls
  • Measurably improved energy efficiency thanks to reliable power conditioning by eliminating EMI and RFI interference
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1020-6: 2x NEMA 5-15    1020-7: 2x NEMA 5-20

Key Features
  • Permanent protection against overvoltages
  • Minimise noise through effective mains filters of the power conditioner
  • Simple and fast commissioning
  • 2 power ports for supplying loads (always-on)

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  • Integrated overvoltage protection prevents damage to the unit and connected loads
  • Current peaks and tripping of upstream fuses are prevented
  • Integrated mains filter prevents interference currents and thus eliminates loss of signal quality in connected devices such as loudspeakers, amplifiers and beamers
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The Expert Power Protector 1020 is a high-quality surge protector that has 2 load outputs on the front. The electrical devices connected to it are supplied with power and permanently protected from damage due to overvoltages. This makes the Protector an ideal protection system for AV and IT environments with critical components such as high-quality AV devices, amplifiers and servers.

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The technology of the Expert Power Protector 1020 effectively detects and suppresses overvoltages on 120 V lines. Even in the range of 85 V to 175 V, the device leads to reliable protection of the connected devices. This is particularly advantageous when the voltage is variable and unpredictable or when standby generators are in use. In addition, the surge protector offers the advantage of conditioning the power line by eliminating EMI and RFI interference that can disrupt data signals and cause electronic equipment to malfunction



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