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Rack Monitoring Systems

More security for your professional IT infrastructure with reliable rack monitoring solutions

GUDE’s rack monitoring systems, with their diverse performance features, offer the best prerequisites for professional monitoring and control of IT racks and other AV/IT installations. Sensors and switching contacts can be interrogated via the smart solutions, and switching operations can be triggered via integrated potential-free relays. The robust devices are characterised by a compact design and low power consumption.

Environmental Monitoring

It is obvious that failures and interruptions in business-critical systems can lead to cost explosions. And yet many users are unaware of the physical risks and dangers lurking in every IT environment:

❌ Severe overheating
❌ Extreme humidity
❌ Defective air conditioning and cooling systems
❌ Vandalism and unauthorized access
❌ Fire caused by smoldering fires or combustion gases
❌ Sudden flooding events.

Counter these hazards with reliable and permanent environmental monitoring. Learn more under Environmental Monitoring.

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