Crestron XiO Cloud

Monitoring and control of GUDE devices via one interface
  • Effective prevention of costly downtime thanks to event-driven alarm messages
  • Location-independent and fast access thanks to cloud-based technology
  • Easy scaling across many AV installations and rooms
  • Quick installation and easy implementation in just 5 minutes
  • Cost savings thanks to prompt rectification of system faults
Massive time and cost savings through plug-and-play drivers from our technology partners
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Key Features
  • All GUDE power solutions of the Expert Power Control series can be easily integrated
  • Proactive monitoring of the AV installation to avoid downtime
  • Real-time status display
  • Configurable alarm routines
  • Quick and easy remote access across many AV rooms and installations
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Monitoring with XiO Cloud and power solutions from GUDE

The high-quality IP power solutions from GUDE support users in operating their AV technology with the greatest possible flexibility, security and reliability. Sustainable operation, maximum reliability and user-friendly control are key concerns for professional users.

Particularly when media control systems are used in the infrastructure, the question regularly arises as to whether and with what effort GUDE’s smart power distributors can be integrated into the AV installation in use.

As a leading manufacturer of media control systems, Crestron offers customers a cloud-based control platform for their AV system with XiO Cloud. The advantage: without additional hardware and software, the AV technology used can be easily and conveniently controlled and monitored across a large number of rooms. GUDE’s intelligent power solutions are the only switchable power distribution units (PDU) supported by XiO Cloud.

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