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Remote IO Modules

With network-capable remote IO modules for more control in professional installations

GUDE’s compact remote monitoring systems provide a wide range of monitoring and control functions despite their small size for the DIN rail. All devices are characterized by low power consumption. With their diverse performance features, the remote monitoring systems thus offer the best prerequisites for safeguarding, optimizing and expanding existing electrical infrastructures. More about the term Remote IO.

Secure your professional installation with GUDE’s smart and remotely controllable remote IO modules. These remote I/O solutions (input/output) have integrated switchable relay outputs, signal inputs and sensor ports and can be used in a variety of monitoring scenarios.

What is remote IO?


Remote IO is made up of the two words remote and IO. Remote stands for access from a distance. In this case it means a connection to GUDE devices via a LAN cable. IO stands for Input/Output.

Inputs and Outputs are explained in more detail in the following:
Inputs are digital inputs that can accept signals. For remote IO modules from GUDE, these are two states: Open and Closed. So there are many NO/NC devices and switches that can be connected.
Outputs are outlets. For our remote monitoring systems, they can be switched individually.

Application scenarios on the DIN rail
  • Distribution box
  • AV or IT cabinet
  • Digital signage steles
  • Electrical distribution board

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