Time server with integrated radio clock

EMC Professional 3001 for precise time in industrial IT networks
  • Precise time for your operation critical IT infrastructure
  • Integrated battery-backed real-time clock provides increased operational reliability, even in the vent of reception problems
  • More security with sensor environment monitoring
  • Atomically accurate radio time across all network devices
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Key Features
  • Atomically accurate radio time via DCF77 signal
  • Stand-alone NTP time server
  • Optimal reception due to active ferrite rod antenna
  • LC display with date and time
  • Battery-backed real-time clock
  • 1 programmable relay output
  • Digital filter and intelligent error connection

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  • Battery-backed and temperature-compensated real-time clock increases operational reliability
  • Generation of status messages (Syslog and SNMP traps)
  • Access protection by IP access control
  • Potential free relay output
  • Network independent control via RS232
  • Simple and flexible configuration via web browser, Windows or Linux program
  • Dynamic assignment of an IP address via DHCP or manual assignment of static IP address
  • Fast and easy instalaltion
  • Easy-to-read signal monitor provides information about reception quality
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The EMC Professional 3001 is a radio time receiver for PC networks. The device provides the atomic precise radio time of the DCF77 signal to the whole network via the integrated NTP server. An external active antenna can be connected via the BNC interface. In case of reception disturbances an internal temperature compensated real time clock continues to run.

The EMC Professional 3001 gives you access to one of the most accurate atomic clocks in the world. It is operated by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig. Time and date are transmitted via the long wave transmitter DCF77 from Mainflingen near Frankfurt/Main with 77.5 kHz. The transmitted time is CET or CEST. The range of the transmitter is about 2000 kilometers. The DCF77 signal is received by an active long wave antenna of EMC Professional 3001. The time information can then be transmitted via network using the NTP protocol and via the serial interface.

The EMC Professional 3001 acts as a stand-alone SNTP server. All computers in your network can synchronize at any time using the EMC Professional 3001. The time server was developed especially for safe use in electronically disturbed environments. The EMC Professional 3001 is equipped with an intgelligent reception electronic to guarantee a perfect reception. In case of longer reception disturbances, the radio clock system automatically switches to the built-in quartz clock. As soon as the reception is trouble-free again, it returns to radio-controlled clock operation.

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