BNC Extension Cable for DCF-Antenna

BNC Extension Cable 0134 for DCF77-Antenna (10-100 m)
  • Extension cable for the DCF77 antenna cable
  • Fast installation
  • Improved reception due to ideal antenna position
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Key Features
  • Cable extension for the DCF77-Antenna 0220
  • Easy installation
  • Cable length up to 100 m allows for an ideal placement of the antenna
  • Improved reception for the DCF77 signal
  • Suitable for all devices with a DCF77 antenna
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The BNC Extension Cable 0134 allows an extension of up to 100 m. The cable is simply connected to the DCF77 antenna and the BNC input of the GUDE device. The user can place the antenna at the ideal location of his infrastructure with the appropriate cable length and this achieve a constantly improved reception of the DCF77 signal

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