Power Sequencer

With sequential switching PDUs to demonstrably higher energy efficiency and more AV security

When using switched PDUs, there is a need for sequential switching power strips, especially in the audio sector. Here, the connected devices are switched on or off sequentially and not simultaneously. These power strips are also often referred to as power sequencers.

Protect your IT and AV installation with GUDE’s high-quality Expert Power Sequencers. These switched PDUs are quick to commission, easy to use and have reliable switching functionality.

The right switched PDU for every application

Within active PDUs, a distinction can be made between switched and metered PDUs. These power strips are also often referred to as intelligent PDUs.

Switched PDU

This type of IP power distribution unit has a switching function that can be used to turn connected devices on and off. With power sequencers, an integrated switching routine ensures that an automated and case-appropriate switching sequence is executed. This provides users with the best possible support when operating their critical AV or audio installation. The integrated noise filter ensures that even demanding users benefit from the power conditioner .


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