IT Infrastructures

Reliable IT infrastructures form the backbone of every successful company

Digital signal processing and communications technology are rapidly gaining in importance.

The term IT stands for information technology  and covers the electronic processing of information and data. The interaction of the hardware and software used has a significant influence on the usability, productivity and security of IT systems. In this context, the abbreviation ICT (information and communications technology) is also often used.

These intelligent PDUs are proven to increase security and energy efficiency in your mission-critical IT infrastructures:

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The biggest challenges in the use of IT systems

  1. Increasing insufficient operational efficiency
  2. Reduction of excessive operating costs
  3. Location-independent provision of information
  4. Improve customer service
  5. Minimizing operational downtime

Technical developments such as telemetry or digitalization reinforce the importance of reliable IT infrastructures. Likewise, trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0 contribute to the fact that, for example, thanks to sensors and actuators, the recording of states or the execution of actions is made possible for a large number of applications.
The consumption of natural resources associated with the use of information technology has also led to the introduction of an ecological approach: Green IT focuses on the sustainable and environmentally friendly use of natural resources and will continue to gain in importance against the backdrop of advancing climate change.

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