Server room

They are the technical backbone of companies and organizations: The IT infrastructure in the server and IT room.

High availability with minimal downtime is a top priority for IT and server room operators. After all, business interruptions cost companies dearly: An IT outage costs up to 40,000 euros in medium-sized companies. It takes an average of 3.5 hours to repair the failure. Particularly alarming: In Germany, almost 80% of companies report one or more IT system failures per year. At the same time, more than half of IT failures have physical causes. In contrast to failures caused by software errors, the downtimes for physical defects are usually longer and more expensive.

Reliable power solutions for your server room

Problems and typical hazards for server and IT rooms

  1. Excessively high temperatures
  2. Liquid leaks
  3. Excessive humidity
  4. Flooding events
  5. Fires or smoldering fires caused by faulty insulation


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Smart technology provides additional redundancy

With their switching functionality and two independent power sources, intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and automatic transfer switches (ATSs) provide an additional redundancy level in technology installations. Because every operator of server and IT rooms knows: a maximum fail-safe and at the same time resilient infrastructure is the foundation of every reliable installation.  Power distribution is a critical factor in this respect. After all, devices connected to the smart power distribution units can be switched off and on again in the event of a fault. This can be implemented directly at the power strips on site, via a mobile device app or via an AV media control or DCIM solution.

More safety in mission-critical infrastructures

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