IT Test Labs

Test labs are IT environments with particularly high demands on equipment and associated security

IT test labs often have the task of mapping and researching typical problems from IT practice in the protected space of a test lab.  The challenges here are:

  • Detecting critical events in the IT installation
  • Detection of security problems in the network
  • Analyzing environmental parameters that affect IT system security
  • Calibration and testing of device prototypes
  • Simulations and model operation of IT components

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Mastering challenges in the IT test lab

Suitable network components, flexible infrastructures and the right analysis tools are used to ensure that a test lab can master the operationally critical challenges. Switchable and measuring power distribution strips, ensure that automated switching processes can be set up for so-called test benches. With suitable mains switching devices, the connected test devices can also be switched all-pole, i.e. both phase and neutral (L+N).

Measuring power distribution strips can also be used to measure a wide range of electrical parameters with consumer accuracy. Thanks to environment monitoring systems, other safety-critical factors in the installation can be monitored and analyzed. These solutions are particularly important tools for developing effective protection concepts in an IT test laboratory.


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