In business-critical infrastructures, such as production, downtime must not occur under any circumstances. Fail-safety and a high production capacity are the top priorities. With the right IP power strips, you can effectively increase reliability in your production.

Everyone is talking about Production 4.0. Operational technology (OT) is brought together with information technology (IT) so that all devices in a production can be networked with each other. Through IT and OT, production is monitored by hardware and software. The focus is on monitoring and/or controlling physical devices, processes and events in the company.

Prevent against failure

Concrete problems are solved by our reliable power and monitoring solutions

  • Power waste
  • Power problems in your production
  • Long and costly outages

Goals of IT and OT convergence

  • Find savings potential in production
  • Complete and uniform networking of hardware, software and processes
  • Increase reliability

Reliable power and monitoring solutions for your production

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