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Automatic Transfer Switch

Demonstrably higher security in IT infrastructures with an automatic transfer switch

Transfer switches, also known as bypass switches, switch automatically or manually to an alternative power supply if the primary supply fails. Switching guarantees uninterrupted operations and effectively prevents downtime of the connected AV or IT devices. Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are a reliable power solution for business-critical AV and IT infrastructures.

Optimise the reliability of your AV and IT installations with the powerful transfer switches from GUDE. Our Automatic Transfer Switches are quick to commission and easy to operate. The uninterrupted performance thanks to fast switching functionality makes the transfer switches the ideal choice for reliably and quickly securing your devices.

Avoiding the single point of failure with automatic transfer switches

Transfer switches are power distribution devices that can switch to an alternative power supply line if necessary. The aim here is to increase redundancy so that a single point of failure for the end devices to be operated is avoided. A distinction can be made between manual transfer switches (bypass switches) and automatic transfer switches (ATS).

With the Expert Transfer Switch (ETS), GUDE offers power distribution systems that provide adequate functionality for increasing the reliability and thus the availability of existing IT equipment environments. The Expert Transfer Switch can be easily and optimally installed in any 19-inch rack.

  • Minimisation of downtimes
  • Switching with phase alignment and phase offset well below 20 ms
  • Residual current monitoring
  • Energy monitoring
  • Overvoltage protection

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Infrastructure security

When it comes to securing your IT installations, you’d better not leave anything to chance. Because the damage caused by a system failure is often manifold:

  • Massive costs due to interruptions in business operations
  • Damage to your reputation with customers and partners
  • Possible claims for damages
  • Additional service and technical costs for remedying the failure

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