Easy integration in 3 steps: GUDE PDU
in OvrC from Snap One and Control4

OvrC is the cloud management platform from SnapOne and Control4. It is designed to help residential and IT integrators remotely monitor and control their devices. With OvrC and GUDE’s IP power solutions, you can remotely turn your equipment on or off, and also restart it. All without costly service technician visits to your customer’s site.

This solves your problems from remote. Easily, quickly and efficiently:

  • Downtime of streamboxes, LAN switches and other IT and AV equipment
  • Costly service calls
  • Long travel times to customers
  • Overheating of AV and IT equipment

The following steps show you how to integrate a switched PDU from the German quality manufacturer GUDE Systems into OvrC. In just 3 steps you can remotely control your AV and IT equipment to ensure a reliable power supply:

3 simple steps to integration

  1. Follow the Quick start guide of your GUDE device to gain access to the PDU web server.
  2. Enable SNMP get and SNMP set in the GUDE device control interface:

  3. Now the GUDE PDU displays its switched outputs:

    If this is not the case, go to the Connect page in OvrC and click on the Connect button:

    Now the GUDE web server opens. You can now control the IP sockets remotely and view the environmental monitoring values.

About OvrC

OvrC is a cloud-based support platform from Snap One and Control4 for professionals to remotely manage, configure and troubleshoot devices on the network. From simple home theaters to large network infrastructures, OvrC enables AV managers to keep their installation running smoothly.

About GUDE

GUDE is a German manufacturer of innovative ICT equipment for over 30 years. Their smart PDU (power distribution unit) and monitoring system help companies to secure their installations and to have a higher energy effiency. GUDEs PDU can get integrated in OvrC.

Smart Power Distribution Units that can be controlled with OvrC: