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Switched IP power outlet for space-saving installation

Department: AV/media technology, network/energy management, IT security
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Köln, 24.01.2024

GUDE Systems is launching its most compact power distributor on the market at the start of the year: the “Expert Power Control 1121” is a network-compatible double socket outlet for particularly small installations

The Expert Power Control 1121 is the latest Power Distribution Unit (PDU) from GUDE Systems GmbH. The socket outlet, which can be controlled via a TCP/IP network, is designed for the most confined environments: The housing, which is only two fingers wide, accommodates two IEC C13 sockets for connecting the end devices to be controlled as well as a sensor connection for adding temperature and humidity sensors. This makes the Expert Power Control 1121 suitable for space-saving installation in any IT and AV (audio/video) installations: The switchable LAN socket can be installed behind displays, TV screens, under table tops or in narrow media furniture in just a few simple steps.

All details about Expert Power Control 1121

Developed and manufactured in Germany, the PDU enables the switching, monitoring and energy measurement of up to two connected consumers. The new device from the Cologne-based manufacturer provides professional users from the media technology and IT management sectors with a compact solution for power control, in particular to address the following tasks:

  • Thanks to protected remote access, the connected end devices can be switched on or off at any time from anywhere.
  • If faults occur, a remote reboot of the end device initiated via the Expert Power Control 1121 often leads to the cause of the operating problem being rectified. This is made possible by the integrated monitoring function using so-called “watchdogs”. The rectification is fully automated and requires no user intervention.
  • The device’s sensor connection allows the addition of ready-to-use sensors (plug-and-play). With these optional accessories, the ambient temperature, humidity and air pressure in the installation can be measured and monitored with little effort. Thanks to programmable limit values, automatic switching processes can be initiated in the event of system-critical conditions in the environment, such as overheating or excessive humidity. The user is informed by corresponding warning messages in real time.
  • The two integrated energy meters enable the measurement of a variety of electrical parameters. This allows users to recognise potential power savings in the infrastructure and set up the collective switch-off of end devices thanks to programmable time schedules. The unnecessary power consumption of AV and IT devices, particularly in standby mode at night, can thus be avoided. The result is lower electricity costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

    Places of application
    • AV environments: Audio/video installations and media furniture in conference rooms, huddle spaces, smart homes, DooH steles, smart city installations and digital signage systems, theaters or lecture halls
    • IT installations: Control cabinets, technology/server rooms, data centers
    • Industrial environments: Production facilities, warehouses or manufacturing rooms

    Dimensions / weight
    LxWxH: 168 x 86 x 34 mm (without mounting brackets) / Weight: 450 g

    • Plug-n-play sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity and air pressure

    Immediately available from the manufacturer and distributors

About GUDE

GUDE has been a manufacturer of innovative AV and IT equipment for over 35 years. The family-owned company’s quality products enable the optimization and expansion of infrastructures such as those found in network, server and media cabinets. The product portfolio of the Cologne-based company includes power distribution units (PDU), LAN sensors and time servers. The solutions are developed and manufactured in Germany to meet customers’ quality requirements for reliable AV and IT infrastructure. The company’s mission: to delight customers and save time integrating products for AV and IT professionals.