The trend towards green and sustainable electricity is growing more and more. At the same time, you can also save massively on electricity costs. That’s why the focus is on: Increased energy efficiency and self-consumption optimization for your solar installation.

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Solar installations range from small photovoltaic systems on your own roof, to PV systems on your business building, to large solar farms on greenfield sites. Photovoltaic systems produce green and clean electricity when the sun shines.

Efficient power solutions for your solar installation

With the power system in your own house, electricity costs can be saved massively by small optimizations. Since electricity storage systems waste some of the electricity, it is more effective to use the electricity directly when it is produced by the photovoltaic system. This can be implemented consistently so that you can achieve a sustainable self-consumption optimization. In the end, this leads to massive electricity cost savings through our intelligent power controls.  

Achieve increased energy efficiency

Our smart power and monitoring solutions are used in solar installations to optimize your self-consumption and increase your energy efficiency through smart switching.

Power Management – so you know what’s being consumed

The detailed measurement function of our power solutions monitor your consumers so that you can identify and eliminate power killers at an early stage.

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