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Native driver support for GUDE power strips and Q-SYS

Department: Audio/Video Control, Media Technology, Smart Home, Network Management
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Köln, 10.08.2022

GUDE and QSC announce cooperation

Power strips get native driver support in Q-SYS

GUDE Systems, the German manufacturer of intelligent power strips, announces its successful cooperation with QSC. QSC is a US-based provider of professional audio/video (AV) products. Effective today, the two companies are providing drivers that enable seamless integration of GUDE power strips into QSC’s Q-SYS control software.

Q-SYS is a leading control platform for audio-video environments with cloud-based IT architecture. Through the collaboration, installers of AV environments and their users can benefit from smooth control and monitoring of GUDE’s power distributors.

Control options through new drivers for Q-SYS
  • Control individual load outputs of the network-compatible power strip
  • Measure and query sensor data such as temperature and humidity in real time
  • Monitor voltage, current and power of the power strip’s inputs and outputs
  • Remote reboot of any load output

Setting up and displaying this data within Q-SYS can be done by the user with just a few clicks. Without having to switch applications, users can use it to perform switching operations of the power distribution systems, detect critical environmental conditions at an early stage, and set up cost-saving automations.

The aspect of sustainability and energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important in the operation of IT and AV infrastructures. The compatibility of Q-SYS with switchable IP power strips from GUDE gained from the cooperation fully benefits the user in the infrastructure here. Above all, he also benefits from fast and seamless integration. Here are all details on our Q-SYS certified PDUs as well as the plug-ins available in QSC’s Asset Manager.

About GUDE

GUDE has been a manufacturer of innovative audiovisual and IT equipment for over 30 years. The family-owned company’s quality products optimize and expand infrastructures such as those found in network, server and media cabinets. The Cologne-based company’s product portfolio includes power distribution units (PDUs), LAN sensors and time servers. The solutions are designed and manufactured in Germany to meet customers’ quality requirements for AV and IT infrastructure performance. The company’s mission: to delight customers and save time integrating products for AV and IT professionals.

About QSC

Since 1968, QSC has been developing technologies and solutions for immersive cinema experiences, live events, themed entertainment, and digital collaboration and conferencing applications everywhere. QSC is a global leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of professional audio products, including high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixing consoles, power amplifiers, DSPs, digital cinema solutions and the software-based, fully integrated Q-SYS Ecosystem for audio, video and control. The company’s products are used in stadiums, concert halls, churches and other public spaces where amplified sound reinforcement is required, and have been selected for high-profile events such as the Super Bowl, the Indianapolis 500 and the Academy Awards.