Plug type F (German electrical plug)

Plug type F (German electrical plug) is the most widespread type, especially in Germany and Europe. The only difference between plug type C and type F is the protective contacts. However, if you have a type F socket outlet, you can also use the types C and E.

plug type f with pdu

Design and use of the ‘German’ plug type

The German electrical plug has two round contact pins with a diameter of 4.8 millimetres, a length of 19 millimetres and a centre distance of 19 millimetres for the outer conductor and neutral conductor.

The mains voltage of the sockets in Germany is 230 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Many power distribution units from GUDE are available with load sockets for the German plug, among other things, and are manufactured as standard.

Where is the Plug type F common?

Afghanistan Algeria Andorra
Austria Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Croatia Estonia
Finland Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland Indonesia
Iran Italy/San Marino Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Moldova
Mongolia Montenegro Mosambique
Netherlands Norway North Macedonia
Portugal Romania Russia
Serbia Slovenia South Korea
Spain Sweden Syria
Turkey Ukraine Vatican State


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