Sustainably increasing energy efficiency in IT and AV

A much-quoted saying goes: What gets measured, gets improved“. This means that if something is not actively measured, no conclusion can be drawn as to whether it has improved. The same applies to energy efficiency in IT and AV environments.

Many IT managers want to save costs by wasting less power, but don’t know exactly how much power they are using in the first place. Measuring power consumption is the first step in solving this problem. For this power monitoring, there are suitable solutions that have been developed precisely so that you can optimize and sustainably improve the energy efficiency and CO2 savings in your IT network in the long term. Energy efficiency can be increased sustainably and effectively with our intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs for short).

Smart power solutions for increased energy efficiency 

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Energy efficiency in the data center: How to make massive cost savings

According to a Bitkom study, the electricity costs of data centers in Germany rose by 20% between 2008 and 2014 alone. Due to the ever-increasing demand for data, energy requirements are growing accordingly.
To put it plainly, there is no better time to invest in improving the energy efficiency of your data center and promote the sustainability of your operations.

According to the same study, energy efficiency can be sustainably reduced by 30% through a metering feature in a IP power strip. Further, detailed metering enables consumer-based billing for electricity costs.
Large data centers have electricity bills in the millions. Therefore, effective measures for improved energy efficiency in the data center pay for themselves within a very short time.

Sustainable and effective solutions exist for the challenges described above: With GUDE’s intelligent switched and outlet-metered PDUs, you can analyze and optimally manage energy consumption in your data center. This also ensures an environmentally friendly cycle across the entire communication technology – keyword Green IT. A holistic view of energy efficiency in a data center is provided by the informative value Power Usage Effectiveness, also known as PUE. Source: Bitkom e.V. (2015). Energy efficiency in data centers.

Improve the energy efficiency of your servers

There are several ways to address the specific problem of high server power costs and thus increase server energy efficiency.

On the one hand, you can design the individual hardware components of the server rack to reduce energy consumption. On the other hand, you can monitor the resources better. Here, power monitoring plays a significant role in reducing energy costs. Servers that consume too much power and are underutilized are more quickly pinpointed with the help of the measurement function integrated into a power strip. With this simple method, energy costs are reduced in the long term.

Explained in detail: In the case of underutilized servers, power consumption does not increase linearly with utilization. Thus, for example, a 2 HU server (height units) consumes 160 W at 20% utilization and 280 W at 100% utilization. For data center operators and IT managers, this means that energy costs decrease in percentage terms with higher utilization.

Thus, by selectively shutting down poorly utilized or unused servers, power requirements are further reduced. As a result, your entire IT is ideally utilized and you do not risk certain servers causing unnecessary electricity costs. This effective approach also applies in light of the fact that consumption-based billing is especially valuable for colocation data centers.

Smart power solutions for increased energy efficiency 

Another factor that contributes to higher energy efficiency is the reduction of cooling power. If servers that are not in use are specifically switched off, this significantly reduces the temperature in the server room. Consequently, cooling consumes less energy. This factor shows how optimized processes in your IT interlock and ensure improved energy efficiency.

Source: TU Berlin, FG IKM (2012). SPEC server data from 2008-2011.

Energy efficiency in AV media technology

With the help of switched and metered PDUs, you can significantly save electricity costs in classic AV installations such as in conference rooms, collaboration zones, meeting rooms or lecture halls.

To learn more about how to sustainably increase energy efficiency in your AV environments, read our scientifically based white paper “Sustainable operation of media technology systems in meeting rooms“. It explains how meeting rooms – from small huddle rooms to large conference rooms – can not only minimize electricity costs, but also reduce the associated CO2 emissions.

The greatest potential for savings in terms of energy consumption exists with LED walls. These are often not used on weekends or at night, but still continue to run. This means they are set to black and not switched off. An LED wall with an area of 10 sqm still consumes 1500 watts per hour! So the energy consumption will be 100% saved if you turn off the LED walls with the help of smart LAN power strips. So you can combine smart energy efficiency with the operation of your LED wall. This not only saves your budget, but also reduces your ecological CO2 footprint and thus contributes to sustainable environmental protection.


Read the scientifically based white paper now

The white paper for media technology includes sustainability concepts and how you can effectively save electricity and CO2. Find out how much this is per conference room in this white paper.

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