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New distribution partner for Spain and Portugal

Department: Market, Audio/Video Technology, IT Distribution/ Resale
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Köln, 14.03.2022

GUDE announces collaboration with AVIT VISION, Spanish AV integration specialist

Distribution network is expanded to Iberian Peninsula

GUDE, the Cologne-based manufacturer of network-enabled power solutions for IT and AV (audio/video) installations, is further expanding its distribution network in Southern Europe: Thanks to the new cooperation, Spanish AV specialist AVIT VISION will include the Cologne-based manufacturer’s professional power solutions in its portfolio to better serve the needs of demanding AV users on the Iberian Peninsula.

AVIT VISION disposes of exhibition and training rooms in Seville and Madrid, where customers and interested parties can get to know and test all products distributed by the Spanish company. From now on, planners and integrators of AV projects can also convince themselves on site of features and usability of GUDE’s energy management solutions. Potential customers in Spain and Portugal will benefit here from the many years of detailed industry knowledge and consulting experience of the Spanish sales partner.

A PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a device that is mainly installed horizontally or vertically in 19-inch cabinets. A PDU distributes power to various loads such as servers, switches, displays or other AV devices. Customer application scenarios range from enterprise networks, AV environments like conference rooms to data centers and industrial infrastructures.

Here, GUDE’s IP sockets and monitoring solutions provide the right answers to the most common industry requirements: remote control of technical equipment, monitoring of power consumption or increasing the availability of business-critical applications.

GUDE has earned an excellent reputation in this field, especially in the area of media technology and AV integration. Its high-quality and flexible products offer reliable solutions for the needs of professional users.

About GUDE

GUDE has been a manufacturer of innovative audiovisual and IT equipment for over 30 years. The family-owned company’s quality products optimize and expand infrastructures such as those found in network, server and media cabinets. The Cologne-based company’s product portfolio includes power distribution units (PDUs), LAN sensors and time servers. The solutions are designed and manufactured in Germany to meet customers’ quality requirements for AV and IT infrastructure performance. The company’s mission: to delight customers and save time integrating products for AV and IT professionals.

About AVIT Vision

AVIT VISION represents and distributes in Spain the solutions and products of the brands AMX by HARMAN, AREC, AVPro, Edge, Biamp, Cleerline, AREC, AVPro, Edge, Biamp, Cleerline, Hisense Commercial Display, HoverCam, KanexPro, Kato Vision, ProDVX, Telelogos, TouchOne by CUE, Panconnect and Utelogy. AVIT VISION is distinguished by its constant search for technological solutions that help companies improve and become more competitive. However, what makes the company unique and a reference in the industry is its ability to integrate different technologies and create new solutions, applications and uses for them. AVIT VISION’s portfolio includes a wide range of audio, video, control, conferencing and professional collaboration technology solutions that meet all requirements, regardless of the size or type of installation.