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In education, modern and reliable AV technology is indispensable for sustainable and smooth teaching operations

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Advantages of reliable AV technology in education

Media technology in the field of education is used in schools, colleges and universities. Professional AV technology in universities means that here the old chalkboard has had its day and is being replaced by audio-visual digital media. It is important that the technology is easy to use for professors and teachers and functions reliably. Otherwise, lectures and classes cannot go according to plan.

Specific problems that always need to be fixed here:

  • Non-functioning lecture hall technology and unresponsive equipment
  • Frustrated students and faculty when the lecture hall does not function as expected
  • High power consumption due to AV equipment running continuously
  • Long waits and walks around campus to fix the non-functioning lecture hall
  • Problems on the part of the power supply, specifically including power surges

Products for your smooth AV operation

Current challenges and trends in the AV industry

1. Collaboration solutions gain importance

2. AV technology is becoming Green AV

3. AV service concepts are crucial for efficient maintenance and servicing of the complete AV technology on campus

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A concrete problem from practice

All of a sudden, the technology in the lecture hall or classroom stops working. In many educational institutions, the reason is that a device has hung up. This means frustrated students and lecturers, while the AV administrator gets under pressure. If the instructor doesn’t report the incident and proactive monitoring isn’t in place, the AV department also won’t notice that the room isn’t working properly. So a lecture hall or classroom may well be out of repair for several days.

To help you keep on top of everything, our reliable power solutions can take the pressure off you. With high-quality solutions, you can proactively monitor your AV equipment and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Getting from one classroom or lecture hall to the next often requires longer travel times. Especially in larger schools and colleges, the grounds are so large that it takes more than 25 minutes to get from room to room. In practice, this means: a fault has occurred and you need to get to the source of the problem quickly. Once on site, you want to restart the media equipment. Unfortunately, the AV rack is locked and you have to call the building management to request access. So a wait of over 1 hour until the problem is solved is not uncommon. What if you could restart the entire media technology with a mouse click directly from your workstation? You would have no long runs, no phone calls, no delays, no service costs …

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