The cinema industry is facing increasing cost pressure. The centralization of IT and AV equipment as well as the automation of movie theaters offer possible solutions here.


The simple definition of a movie theater is a room or building where a movie is shown in front of an audience. In German we have synonyms for cinema such as Lichtspielhaus, Lichtspieltheater and Filmtheater.

To be able to show a movie, the right cinema technology is important. Cinema technology describes the performance of cinematographic representations for scientific, business and social purposes. The technical requirement of a cinema in classical cinemas is a screen with a projection of a projector or beamer. This cinema technology is located in the projection room behind the auditorium. Newer cinemas do away with the projection room and use a large LED screen directly in the auditorium. For all cinemas, safe and trouble-free operation is critical to a positive movie-going experience for the audience.

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Current trends in the cinema industry

  • Increasing cost pressure: Saving operational costs of e.g. electricity and personnel
  • Centralization of IT and AV equipment
  • LED video wall
  • Automation of cinema halls

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Overcoming concrete challenges in cinema operation

  • Excessive electricity costs to run the cinema
  • Frustrated moviegoers because the film was stopped unexpectedly
  • Overheating of sensitive cinema technology
  • Problems on the part of the power supply and concrete overvoltages
  • High service costs due to long waiting times and running around the cinema to fix malfunctioning technical equipment

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