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Good outlook for GUDE

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Köln, August 31, 2023

GUDE Systems turns 35 and presents its mission for the future

Cologne-based GUDE Systems celebrates its 35th anniversary in September. The family-run company was founded in 1988 by Dr. Michael Gude. The business purpose: development, production and distribution of precise radio clock systems and interface isolators for the PC.

In the meantime, the product portfolio of the successful medium-sized company ranges from intelligent power strips and reliable relay controls to detailed measuring LAN sensors and the radio clock systems from the early days. The company, which has won several awards, attaches particular importance to a high level of quality in the production of its own developments. This is because the Made in Germany seal of quality has contributed significantly to the international success of the company’s business customers, who are now represented all over the world. At present, the German company’s products are sold in over 40 countries, including Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA, with the support of 25 distribution partners.

A tinkerer goes his own way

Michael Gude has always been a tinkerer: “Even at a young age, when it came to toys, I was more interested in how they worked than in playing with them,” says the company founder. “And when I was given a physics kit as a gift at the age of 12, my inventive spirit was finally awakened. From then on, I felt the need to solve things differently than usual or to develop them in a new way, instead of being satisfied with the tried and tested.

So it is not surprising that Michael Gude successfully participates several times in the “Jugend forscht” competition and is also awarded a prize for his invention at the national level in 1979: He develops a Z80 computer system that can be used to simplify internal school administrative procedures and brings considerable cost savings in acquisition.

https://gude-systems.com/app/uploads/2023/08/EPC-8031-4-LinkedIn-Techpartner-e1693227426685.pngSelection of GUDE Systems’ intelligent power solutions for 19-inch cabinets

GUDE Quality

Good. Better. GUDE. – With this promise, the company has made a name for itself worldwide. Andreas Boettcher, Managing Director Technology, realised early on that a good product idea alone is not enough to be successful:
“For customers to buy your product again and recommend you to others, you have to convince them not only of the function, but also of the quality,” he explains. “So you don’t achieve sustainable success through the customer, but always together with the customer.”

The DNA of GUDE Systems consists of German engineering coupled with the claim to deliver innovation of the highest quality. At the company, this can be seen in its positive business figures, growing customer base and its ISO9001 and UL certification.

The management of GUDE Systems (f.l.t.r.): Andreas Böttcher, Dr. Michael Gude and Philipp Gude

Against this background, the management takes the 35th anniversary of the company as an opportunity to present its corporate mission. It consists of the company’s four value pillars:

G – GUDE Quality: We deliver high quality to our customers. In times when products are designed less and less for sustainable use and more and more for repurchase due to short lifetimes, we clearly stand out from the crowd. We focus on durable and reliable products.

U – Understanding and family-oriented: We offer our employees an environment in which they enjoy working. The focus is on people, so that they can easily contribute their skills and ideas to our company.

D – Durable and sustainable: We strive for long-term partnerships in our business relationships. Only together with our customers and suppliers can we promote sustainability and achieve lasting success.

E – Efficient and solution-oriented: We accept challenges and are convinced that every problem can be solved with creativity and pragmatism. Our motto: tackle instead of wait.

With this mission lived out, we look forward to the next 35 years and beyond,” explains Philipp Gude, second-generation managing director. “We are convinced that with our values we will provide greater added value for our customers, our employees, our society and for our environment in the long term.

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About GUDE

GUDE has been a manufacturer of innovative audiovisual and IT equipment for over 35 years. The family-owned company’s quality products optimize and expand infrastructures such as those found in network, server and media cabinets. The Cologne-based company’s product portfolio includes power distribution units (PDUs), LAN sensors and time servers. The solutions are designed and manufactured in Germany to meet customers’ quality requirements for AV and IT infrastructure performance. The company’s mission: to delight customers and save time integrating products for AV and IT professionals.