Expert Power Control 8035-2: Switched and outlet-metered Power Control with High-Inrush relays

Remotely switched and outlet-metered Power Control with 8 IEC C13 Lock load outputs for usage in 19″ racks, IT and AV environments. The Power Control can be used to switch connected electrical loads on and off and for current measurement. Up to 9 electrical quantities dimensions can be measured on the input side, as well as energy measurement per load output. Two combined sensors (temperature, humidity and air pressure) can be connected to the two RJ45 connectors for environment monitoring. Thanks to standardised protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet, RADIUS, MQTT and Modbus TCP, the device can be controlled with a media management system, a server or integrated into a monitoring software. Connecting to Crestron and Extron devices is done quickly thanks to available drivers.

Toolless installation in media or IT racks (19 inches), furniture, pedestals and tables is made possible because the device‘s rack ears are already installed. Each output can be switched individually. The outputs can be switched event-based by pre-set sensor thresholds and programmed schedules. The switching state and switch-on delays (0…9999 seconds) are freely adjustable for each Power Port.

The Power Control has an integrated overvoltage protection type 3. This overvoltage protection (OVP) prevents damage to the device and the connected electrical loads (max. L-N, N/L-PF 10 kA). Current peaks are prevented by automatic latency times of one second between the switching of severel outputs. In addition, special high-inrush relays prevent the relay contacts from welding during inrush current peaks by withstanding currents up to 80 A for short periods.

An easily readable LED display shows the relevant status information and the status of the outputs (on/off) directly on the device. This allows a quick overview of total current, IP address and sensor values.

Remote access to the device’s web server is possible via an RJ45 network connection and an RS232 interface. In addition, the Power Control Unit can be monitored and controlled while on the move via a free mobile device app. Furthermore, common security standards are supported (IPv6, SSL, SNMPv3).

The warranty period is 24 months. It is possible to extend the warranty period to 3, 4 or 5 years.

– 1 power connection (IEC C20, max. 16 A),
– 8 load outputs (IEC C13, max. 10 A)
– 1 RJ45 network connection (10/100 Mbit/s)
– 1 serial interface RS232 (Sub-D, 9-pin)
– 2 sensor inputs (RJ45) for optional sensors

Technical data:
– 19 inch installation by means of integrated mounting ears, 1 HU
– Dimensions (LxHxD): 43.9 x 4.4 x 17.8 cm (without rack ears)
– Weight: approx. 2.2 kg
– Max. current (total): 16 A
– Max. current (per port): 10 A
– Operating temperature: 0-50 °C
– Storage temperature: -20 – 70 °C
– Relative humidity: 0 – 95 % (non-condensing)
– High-Inrush Relay: Type 16 A, 30 A up to 4s and 80A up to 20ms
– Overvoltage protection: Type 3, max. L-N, N/L-PE 10 kA

Switching function: Per load output
Measuring function: Total measurement input-side and per load output
Measured variables: Voltage (V), current (A), frequency (Hz), phase angle (°), active power (W), reactive power (Var), apparent power (VA), power factor (PF), energy (kWh), residual current measurement (mA)
Display: 4-digit red LED display to show total current, IP address, sensor values and error messages; plain text displays (on/off) for the status of the outputs; three LED indicators for the status of the device, power supply and OVP
Supported protocols: SNMPv1, v2c, v3; HTTP, HTTPS; SSL, STARTTLS; TLS 1.1, 1.2, 1.3; Syslog; TCP/IP v4, IPv6; DHCP, Telnet, Radius, Modbus TCP, MQTT 3.1.1
Housing material: Galvanised and powder coated sheet steel, black,
Material thickness: 1.25 mm

Brand: GUDE
Type: 8035-2

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