Zabbix Network Monitoring Solution

The open-source monitoring software for more security in IT operations
  • Quick installation and easy implementation in only 5 minute
  • Monitoring of the network environment with regard to devices and their changes
  • Graphical display of performance-relevant key figures in real time
  • High security through encryption of communication
  • Avoidance of system errors
  • Minimization of expensive downtimes
Massive time and cost savings through plug-and-play drivers from our technology partners
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Key Features
  • Proactive network monitoring to avoid downtime
  • Flexible and expandable data collection
  • Real-time graphical display
  • Customizable reports for monitored network devices
  • Flexible notifications via email, SMS, Jabber, custom scripts or messenger
  • Definition of triggers to classify network problems
  • Efficient automation of tasks
  • High security through authentication
  • Autodiscovery: keep track of changes such as new devices and settings on the network
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With the Zabbix Network Monitoring Solution, the device landscape can be monitored via a central application: A clear and graphically presented program interface helps to keep track of the network performance. For example, sensor values and energy consumption, the status of inputs and outputs with watchdog function as well as notifications and automated reports for stored threshold values can be displayed. The use of the Zabbix Network Monitoring Solution makes it possible to monitor GUDE’s power distribution units and monitoring systems in real time and to prevent system errors and minimize downtime on the basis of collected data.

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