Overvoltage protection for USB and RS232

Expert Opto Bridge 0404 for a better PC protection
  • Effective overvoltage protection due to galvanic isolation
  • Isolation voltage up to 2500 V
  • Data transmission rate up to 115.200 baud
  • LED for signaling Receive/Transmit Data
  • Easy installation
  • Prevent serious damage due to lightning strikes or interference voltages
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Key Features
  • Overvoltage protection by galvanic isolation
  • Isolation voltage max. 2500 V
  • Serial input voltage
    -15 V to -6 V for logical 1
    +15 V to +6 V for logical 0
  • Data transfer rate up to 115.200 Baud
  • Easy installation through virtual COM port
  • For Windows and Linux systems (from Kernel 2.6)
  • In addition to the data lines (receiver and transmitter lines), two handshake lines are supported in both directions (RTS/CTS)
  • LED status monitor for RxD/TxD
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Power supply via USB interface
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  • Suitable for devices with USB and RS232 connection


The Expert Opto Bridge 0404 is an overvoltage protection for the serial and USB interface. It provides maximum protection from interference and failures and from damage to the interface by electrically isolated data transmission.

The interface isolator provides overvoltage protection by galvanic isolation of signals and voltages from potential damage to the PC from devices with USB and serial interfaces. In doing so, the electrically isolated data transmission provides maximum protection against interference, failures and damage to the interface, ensuring trouble-free operation of the connected devices.

The Expert Opto Bridge 0404 provides protection against a wide range of environmental disturbances:

  • Overvoltages due to remote lightning strikes
  • Overvoltages due to static discharges
  • Ground shifts caused by various mains circuits
  • Interference voltages on ground lines caused by motors or similar loads



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