IT is playing an increasingly important role in logistics. Without IT, we cannot track or trace a single package. To keep systems running smoothly and monitored, our smart power and monitoring solutions are used: Less downtime to safeguard your procurement, storage and delivery schedules.

Logistics 4.0 only works with the right IT. It is defined by the uniform networking and interlinking of processes, objects, supply chain partners and customers through information and communication technologies (ICT). At the same time, efficiency and effectiveness are increased. Efficiency can be achieved through automation, increased process speed, error reduction and bundling. Effectiveness is accomplished through smarter processes and individualized services. In the process, networked systems and processes ensure that your logistics are in the fast lane.

Less downtime due to these products

Easy integration through our technology partners

Functions of our power and monitoring solutions

To protect your IT against failure, our power and monitoring solutions support you with the following functions:

  • Proactive power monitoring of your hardware
  • Faster response time in the event of a failure through remote reboot and watchdog function
  • Prevent against power hazards such as overvoltage through integrated overvoltage protection

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