No Rack without a smart PDU

GUDE Systems in Essential Install, the trade magazine
for the AV and Smart Home industry

Why reliable power supply solutions are so important in AV installations is explained in issue 06/2022 of the British trade magazine Essential Install. The main article shows how GUDE Systems, as a provider of switched Power Distribution Units (PDU), can not only provide AV integrators with an improved managed service, but also minimize potential downtime of the customer’s AV systems.

The Key Benefits

Faster integration
Plug-n-play drivers for well-known
AV manufacturers such as Crestron,
Control 4, Extron and Savant

Better & faster service
Remote reboots and automatic power
cycling enable short response times
times and fewer field operations

Less downtime
Integrated surge protection,
eFuses and threshold alarming
provide increased safety

Selected PDUs for improved managed service and reduced service costs

  • For medium size installations and 19″ racks
    Expert Power Control 8031-1 oder 8031-4

    16A, switchable 8 x IEC C13 or 8 x type G, input power metering, overvoltage protection
  • For medium size and large installations and 19″ racks
    Expert Power Control 8291-1
    16A, the intelligent AC/DC PDU, switchable 21 outputs: 4 x IEC C13, 12 x 12 V / 24 V and 5 x 5 V, input power metering, overvoltage protection
  • For larger installations in 19″ racks
    Expert Power Control 8041-1
    16A, switchable 12 x IEC C13, input side counting, overvoltage protection

The main topic of the Essential Install: More safety in AV racks through smart power distributors. Using a concrete case study, AV integrators will learn how they can realize significant savings in the operation of customer installations:

The concrete benefits

  1. Demonstrably less and shorter downtime of critical AV infrastructures through integrated surge protection
  2. Effective troubleshooting of AV problems: Remote reboot or fully automatic power cycling thanks to the self-healing function (auto-reboot) with watchdogs
  3. Detect AV problems before things get out of hand: Proactive power measurement of up to 9 electrical variables and environmental monitoring with plug-n-play temperature and humidity sensors to prevent overheating
  4. Sustainable lifecycle with products that will be in use for many years, supported by regular, free firmware updates
  5. Saves valuable programming time thanks to seamless integration with leading AV brands such as Crestron, Control4, Domotz, ELAN, Extron, Utelogy, RTI and Savant through free available drivers
We see that the PDU is no longer just a necessary accessory, but an essential element of any smart home or AV system. If this is taken into account during the initial installation, the long-term value is guaranteed for years to come.

Philipp Gude in issue 06/2022 of the British magazine Essential Install

Chief Sales Officer

About GUDE

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