A remote power switch can be used to regulate and control the power supply to connected devices automatically or manually. It enables devices to be switched on and off remotely. Accordingly, an RPS promises several benefits:

  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Location independence
  • Reduction of maintenance costs

Due to the possibility of remote control, employees can initiate measures even without being present. In addition to saving time, this also means that one employee can supervise a wide variety of locations.

Password-protected access to an RPS can be realized via IP networks, the serial RS-232 interface and via SMS. It is possible to regulate the connected devices individually and even divide them into groups. Thus, the power consumption can be optimized.

A remote power switch from GUDE Systems, called Expert Power Control, has the following advantages:

  • Individual control of multiple power ports via control systems, media controls and scripts using standardized protocols such as SNMP, http/s, Telnet, Modbus TCP, MQTT, REST API
  • Restart of target devices that are no longer accessible
  • Free assignment of target device names
  • Indication of device readiness by LEDs#
  • Separately fused circuits
  • Group function

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