Become a power monitoring hero
with GUDE and Domotz

Simplify your managed service and reduce service costs

With GUDE power distribution units and Domotz Remote Network Monitoring, users will profit from a perfect match that proactively prevents critical issues and solves them in real time. The combined technology aims at demanding experts like Integrators and professionals of AV and IT installations, managed service providers (MSP) and companies with many distributed locations (edge racks) such as retail stores or production facilities.

Benefit with these power solutions from Domotz

“With Domotz and GUDE all my problems got solved: My installations have less to zero down-time and I can monitor all the critical devices. And with a click of a fingertip, we have saved engineers time attending site. The best bit is my customers just love our fast and proactive service. Distance and Time are no longer a factor.”

Durgesh Sinh,  Founder of Nucleus AV

1. Solved problems

  1. Downtimes of satellite receivers, LAN switches, and other IT and AV equipment
  2. Cost intensive service operations
  3. Long travels, or truck rolls, to customers
  4. Overheating of AV and IT equipment


The benefit of a Remote Network Monitoring Service such as Domotz

Domotz provides secure, remote device monitoring and management across all your customer systems. Alerts, network diagnostics and rebooting of appliances are possible through an easy-to-use interface, including desktop applications, mobile device apps and web-based dashboards. Operational efficiency and proactive monitoring are now a breeze for AV integrators and IT professionals.

Scalability and Easy-to-use

Scale up AV and IT implementations with the ability to preconfigure the perfect settings, minimizing time and effort associated with set-up. Domotz continuously scans your network and will automatically detect and monitor all devices on the network. In this way, everyone can become a monitoring expert.

Predictive maintenance

Domotz monitors a variety of device attributes and events. Configure triggers on monitored parameters and benefit from generated email, push notifications or ticket creation in your PSA system. Set up regular alerts in a daily digest and configure Domotz to monitor specific device attributes such as temperature, speed, consumable status and more. Network devices are monitored in real-time and irregularities are fixed before they escalate, building customer loyalty.

Remote Accessibility

Solve your customer’s network device problems quickly using Domotz’s secure, remote access from anywhere in the world. Easily power cycle, reprogram or firmware update systems as needed by your customers.

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2. Simplify managed services and reduce service costs

Domotz monitoring and GUDE smart Power Distribution Units

The Domotz team has worked closely with the GUDE product management team to develop an integrated driver. The integration with GUDE’s switched and metered Power Distribution Units (PDUs) empowers users to switch on/off or reboot all connected devices easily within the Domotz interface.

The switched & metered PDUs from GUDE enables switching, controlling and rebooting of media technology or network devices, satellite receiver, servers and IT equipment in server rooms, restarting PCs, reducing power consumption of standby appliances and much more.

By coupling Domotz’s Remote Network Monitoring with Expert Power Control 8031, the 8-way switched PDU of GUDE becomes a swiss pocketknife. AV/IT integrators, professionals and managed service providers will find a turnkey solution that highly simplifies installation, monitoring deployments, saving service costs and increasing energy efficiency.


3. Benefits in action

  • Less downtime
  • Fewer truck rolls
  • Better customer service
  • Faster response time
  • Proactive alerting and prevention of AV/IT issues
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Protection of installations against overheating

Benefit with these power solutions from Domotz

4. Application examples

Conference rooms   | 
 Your media control is not working anymore. One click and you can reboot it.

Retail stores   |   
Your switch or router does not work anymore? Simply power-cycle.

Edge Computing
   |   A critical device like a server in your production room does not respond anymore. By using Domotz and a GUDE PDU, you can gain back control of your operating environment in no time.

Smart Home
   |   You watch a soccer game live and your satellite receiver or router crashes: Solution is just a fingertip away.

5. Webinar: A GUDE way to monitor and manage your system

Watch the live recording of our webinar on  on Youtube:
Domotz - GUDE Webinar on Youtube

About Domotz

Domotz is a remote network monitoring solution that enables you to run your business more efficiently and improve your client experience. Domotz’s enterprise-grade solution is used by thousands of managed service providers and integrators throughout the world. Powered by Fing, Domotz discovers, classifies and maps all the devices on your network, automatically, saving you valuable time and money. Domotz’s secure, remote connectivity puts you directly onto your client’s network, without creating network vulnerabilities.

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About GUDE

GUDE is a German manufacturer of innovative ICT equipment for over 35 years. Their smart PDU (power distribution unit) and monitoring system help companies to secure their installations and to have a higher energy effiency. GUDEs PDU can get integrated in Domotz.

Power Distribution Units that can be controlled with Domotz: