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What our customers say

"GUDE's products have proven themselves to us in several superyacht class projects over the last few years.

Especially in the maritime field we have demanding scenarios. Thanks to the internally installed surge protection and the simple integration into the yacht's monitoring systems, the connected equipment is protected all around and fail-safety is increased."
Jürgen Schepers
Jürgen Schepers

Team Leader Engineering Home & Marine

"With GUDE, all my problems have been solved: my installations have less to no downtime and I can monitor all critical equipment.

And with the click of a mouse, we've saved the technicians time on site. Best of all, my customers just love our fast and proactive service. Distance and time are no longer a factor."
Durgesh Sinh
Durgesh Sinh

Managing Director of Nucleus AV

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Made in Germany

We offer high-quality products from our own production to meet the highest standards of functionality and reliability.

Individual service

You enjoy individual service and advice with us. This includes free product support even after purchase.

Easy integration

Rapid integration with major control and monitoring software thanks to free drivers from our technology partners. Support for leading protocols such as Telnet, SNMP, Radius, Modbus and MQTT.

Firmware updates

Benefit from improved functionality and the latest security standard of our products through regular and free firmware updates.

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