The 4 benefits of

metered & switched PDUs

The goal is to avoid irreparable damage and costly repair measures. Operational safety in AV and IT systems is
not a free skate, but a duty.

Fast and easy integration in monitoring software of our technology partners
1. Ensuring your uptime

When it comes to protection, the focus should not only be on the power distribution unit itself, but also on the connected loads. Our PDUs have an integrated Surge Protection Device (SPD) that complies with EN61643-1. This means that the surge protection prevents damage to both the unit itself and the connected loads.

2. Protect your IT or AV equipment

Our intelligent PDUs have an automatic and effective self-healing function: an individual watchdog (ICMP/TCP) for each outlet automatically restarts the connected device in the event of a failure. This resets the critical device and thus has no chance of causing relevant downtime in your system.

3. Monitoring fault currents

GUDE’s switching and output metering PDUs allow you to monitor the “health” of your installation: Thanks to integrated Residual Current Meter (RCM), you are immediately informed when fault currents occur that can jeopardize uptime. Proactive measures can be initiated before escalation occurs. This operational safety feature corresponds to the residual current monitor type 3.

4. Monitoring of the environment

Quality sensors allow monitoring of the device’s environment. By configuring thresholds, switching and alarm functionality can be added to the active PDU: When one of the stored temperature or humidity thresholds is exceeded, the PDU switches the power connections and sends alarm messages.

Avoid worst-case scenarios with switched PDUs

Fortunately, worst-case scenarios such as frozen devices or data loss due to system failures can be effectively avoided in IT environments: By integrating reliable backup solutions, response time is demonstrably minimized and preventive measures become feasible at the earliest possible stage.

Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDU) from GUDE sustainably increase the operational reliability of IT systems: They enable the switching, management and monitoring of up to 21 connected devices such as servers, routers and AV devices. And thanks to their advanced software, they can be commissioned in no time at all.

Good to know

GUDE products can be integrated with any monitoring software through standard protocols such as http/https, JSON, Telnet and Modbus TCP.

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