Remote Monitoring Management

Business-critical IT and AV infrastructures under fail-safe control

Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) enables the remote monitoring and maintenance of AV and IT systems in a network. This RMM offers system integrators the opportunity to further expand their managed service. They can significantly increase the efficiency, response time and security of their customer installations. Larger companies that manage their own AV and IT equipment remotely can enjoy the same benefits.

That’s required for Remote Monitoring Management

Remote monitoring management requires monitoring software in the network to be monitored. In addition, secure access to this network and hardware capable of monitoring is required. In order to ensure increased operational reliability and a high degree of fail-safe installation, monitoring of the current and ambient values, such as temperature and humidity, is indispensable. The first signs of a problem can be detected by measuring different power quantities and thus proactive measures can be taken. The following switched and outlet-metered devices are suitable for this. These measure nine electrical parameters at each output of the power distribution. In other words, any connected AV or IT device can be measured.

Automation advantages of Remote Monitoring Management

  ✓  Remote restart of systems

  ✓  Proactive monitoring through automatic alerting when defined threshold values are exceeded

  ✓  Automatically apply patches and updates

  ✓  Create backups

  ✓  Clean up systems and disk space

  ✓  Monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity

  ✓  Check hardware and software


Good to know

GUDE products can be integrated into any monitoring software through standard protocols such as http/https, JSON, Telnet and Modbus TCP.

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