Intelligent smart home solutions provide more comfort and quality of life within one’s own four walls. Aspects such as energy efficiency and reliable control of the components must not be missing here.

The smart home sector takes care of the networked and digital home in AV. Users demand that there should be as few restrictions as possible on the control of the entertainment system – and at the same time low installation and maintenance costs. In short, the aim is to equip the discerning homeowner with innovative, high-quality AV technology. This consequently includes realizations for

  • Villas
  • Hotel rooms
  • Penthouse apartments
  • Private home cinemas
  • Luxury houses

Solutions for intelligent and high-quality living

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Concrete problems that GUDE fixes for you

  • Frustrating interruptions while watching your favorite sports, series or movie on TV
  • Downtime of satellite receivers, LAN switches and other IT and AV equipment
  • Long trips to customers
  • Overheating of AV and IT equipment
  • Costly service calls

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 Current trends in the smart home sector

  • Complete networking of AV devices throughout the home
  • Holistic AV service concepts for quick and effective troubleshooting from a distance
  • Convenient and proactive monitoring of AV and IT devices

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